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NOTE - I've stopped uploading this list as of December 2023 and am uploading all related videos to the Youtube channel

Tartarian architecture in Penzance?

Another Tartarian building in Penzance?

Tartarian mudflood buildings in Penzance.

A rainy October evening in Penzance.

Penzance, 'Little Tartaria'.

It seems 'Nicola Tesla' is a code name. 


A look up Clarence Street in Little Tartaria

Bizarre terraces in Penzance.

Join my new Tartarian Studies Telegram group. 

Mud flooded terrace? Genocidal crime?

Evidence of a mud flood on Penzance Terraces.


Saturday morning in Tartarian Penzance

Plenty of evidence of a mudflood on Chapel Street, Penzance

That there be a Tartarian building.

The Longboat Tartarian building.

AEE - Arial Etheric Energy.

Mulling the mudflood terraces of Penzance

Mulling the mudflood terraces 2.

Historians lying about Tartaria: public awakening = great reckoning.

Completely submerged first/ground floors = MUDFLOOD!

A beautiful rainbow.

Is this scaffolding necessary?

A look at some Tartarian style buildings in Giants Rounds 

Welcome to the Tartarian Studies Telegram group.

More on potential scaffolding shenanigans.

Two type of people (open and closed minded).

Reflections on the Old World.

Brick tap test.

Redruth & Camborne architecture & bricks.

We're in a reset, we've been reset.

Another look at bricks in Penzance.

Deformed bricks at the Longboat hotel.

Bricks - mottled, potholed and blown out.

This wall is devastated.

Mulling my way around the music college.

A 7am look at Penzance churches.

Old World bricks relaid.

Le Maison de MUDFLOODE!

A look around the YHA in Castle Horneck

A word or two as I gaze across Old World Penzance

Certain types of bricks survived better

My new Facebook group, Old World Reset

Evidence of a mud flood on the high ground

Rummaging around Old World Penzance

Looking at Old World Penzance graveyard buildings

Mulling the red bricks transitioning

Update on the massive scaffolding in Penzance, December 2023

Introducing the Old World Institute

Sunday morning meltology in Penzance

A boxing day walk down Chapel Street, Penzance

A boxing day mull around Haemoore village, near Penzance

4 BIGASS church-like buildings in Penzance residential area

4 large church-like buildings in Haemoore village


Truth is stranger than fiction

Visualise how this 'church' really looked

Transitioning bricks are evidence that nobody can deny

Red bricks transitioning with David Bellamy

"No more conspiracy theories please, James"

This is the voice of the mud flood

The wall says it all!

Melted red bricks! X-factor event. 

Shades of X-factor, shades of meltology

What % of mud flood sites contain human remains?

Red brick walls deformed

Spurious red bricks transition

Melted red bricks suggest crime

The most COOKED wall in Newlyn

The most MUFFED bricks in Newlyn

Massive cracks in Newlyn wall

2 electric power stations in Penzance

Welcome to mud flood street, Penzance

"Grow a brain!" they tell me


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